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Karuna Bienestar is an integral work center oriented to well-being and health. Where we use varied disciplines and tools, which allow us to serve each person according to their needs, making use of the most favorable tools at all times.

For this we use: Yoga, Hypopressive Gymnastics, Tai Chi, Pilates, Martial Arts and its fundamentals, personalized training, guided wellness routines, Wellness work, functional training and manual treatments. In addition to having a consultation in Psychology.


Our work is done with the heart and we give our best every day, offering ourselves as a bridge between this wide range of resources for the development and cultivation of well-being.


Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassion (the ability to feel the other), this is the fragrance in which we bathe our attention.


We are in the south of Tenerife, inLos Cardones, San Isidro. The founders are Irmina Gutiérrez and Thierry Bouzin, who work in collaboration with other professionals.


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