Body treatments in San Isidro

With the body treatments we carry out at Karuna Bienestar you can maintain an optimal state of well-being, avoiding pain by balancing the body's energies and promoting self-healing capacity. Among the treatments we offer in San Isidro are:


Karuna Bienestar imagen del sistema muscular del cuerpo humano
Myofascial induction

Myofascial induction refers to a type of body treatment that involves connecting with the connective tissues of the body. Connective (or connective) tissues are all tissues that connect and separate the different structures of the body; It includes the tendons, ligaments, periosteum, and the different "layers" that cover and link the organs, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and bones.

 It comes from the practice of structural, visceral and cranio-sacral osteopathy.

 The treatment of the fascia is like an instrument capable of reestablishing the natural movement of the tissues and consequently of alleviating the pain that arises in different parts of the body.

 But myofascial induction (also called “fascia therapy” in some countries like France or Portugal) goes much further as it is an instrument of relationship, of help through touch “of touching”. In the silent dialogue of touch, a reunion of the patient with his body is installed. The suffering, distant, unnoticed body is again a sensitive, moving, excited and moved body.

 Physical pain and psychologist moral pain are often entrusted to the manual therapist. We, as manual therapists, have the possibility of hearing the request of the body that is generally not heard by the psychologist because it is said through the dialogue of the organic tissues and not through verbal language. That suffering must be heard and included.

                            What diseases is myofascial induction aimed at?

              Fascia therapy is aimed at various types of pain, such as locomotives, cranial, visceral, accompanied or not by functional disturbances such as digestive, respiratory and gynecological.

              It also helps alleviate psychosomatic pain that accompany psychological disturbances and stress states.

              The pains of the child, of the elderly person and the pains that accompany cancers or other serious illnesses, are also susceptible to entering the field of competence of myofacial induction.

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Shiatsu is an official therapy recognized within the Japanese health system and defined by its Ministry of Health (health, work and welfare) as follows:

 Shiatsu is a treatment that, by pressing the fingers on certain points of the body, maintains and improves health, alleviates various diseases, corrects bodily irregularities and reactivates the body's self-healing capacity. It has no side effects and can be called shiatsu or shiatsu treatment.

 The International Shiatsu Association The application and learning of shiatsu is based on the definition of the Ministry of Health of Japan.

 The word shiatsu is made up of two ideograms  the first, meaning finger, and the second: pressure. Therefore, its literal translation is finger pressure.

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Foot reflexology

It is a diagnostic and treatment technique in which certain areas of the body are stimulated to obtain healthy responses from the different organs of the body.

Through Reflexology we can obtain a healthy response from the organs, apparatus and systems through the appropriate stimulation applied in the corresponding reflex zones. With this stimulation it is possible to establish the natural balance of energy and the harmonic functionality of the entire organism.

The energy will flow following certain routes. It may happen that the possible channels are blocked and there is some sensitivity in relation to these points, this indicates that the discomfort or condition of the body may be in another part other than the sensitive area. Performing massages on certain reflex points allows the channels to be uncovered, restoring energy flow and at the same time calming any pain and restoring full function.

              Reflexology is used in many cases and is especially effective in relieving pain (back, head and toothaches), in treatments for digestive disorders, stress, tension, colds, flu, asthma, arthritis and many others, it is also possible to detect potential diseases and even apply preventive treatment.

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Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life energy or divine breath.

Rei means universal and refers to the spiritual part, to the cosmic energetic essence, which penetrates all things internally and surrounds all spaces, it is the consciousness of energy.

Ki is the individual vital energy, it is energy that contributes the life that surrounds and penetrates our bodies keeping them alive, when this ki energy leaves the body, it ceases to have life.

Reiki comes from the universal energy field, it is the fundamental element that constitutes our universe. All that manifests matter, earth, plants, people is the intensification of the single field.

Reiki is a treatment through transmission of energy. By doing Reiki we channel the universal energy carrying consciousness and vitality. If we apply Reiki on a system (such as man), it will help its restoration (balance) at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Different vibrations of this field are perceived by our senses from different forms of matter. The term vital energy field means tiny subatomic particles, we can define them as primordial atoms since they carry all the information in themselves and spread throughout the space of the universe in a “continuous” way.

Reikists support Reiki as one of the most effective treatments based on its vibrational character, which reaches all the energy fields or bodies of the being.

Karuna Bienestar esencias naturales
Quiromassage: sports massage

From an etymological point of view the term "quiromassage" comes from the union of the Greek voice "χείρ, χειρός" that is "quiros" hands, with the voice "" "knead or squeeze gently". So it literally means 'hand massage' or 'manual massage' and is used to differentiate it from massages that use electrical or mechanical instruments. The massage techniques are established and applied depending on the specific objective to be achieved.

              The "quiromassage" is a method of exploration (by perceptual palpation) and manual treatment, applied to the body covering and transmitted by the mechanical pressure of the hands to the different organs and tissues of the human body, which has, at the same time, regulatory effects on pain, general feeling of energy, moods, tiredness and in general on the psyche. Depending on the indication and the proposed treatment objectives, effects can be achieved that generate direct and / or reflex actions on the organism.

The benefits of massage have survived to this day, evolving from the simplest techniques to provide relaxation and promote sleep, to the specific development of some more complex ones to alleviate or eliminate specific ailments in the body and / or body.

The main effects are:

  • Mechanical: in reference to how the mechanical forces related to each maneuver affect the tissues.
  • Physiological-hygienic: when massage is performed on a healthy person to provide greater vigor to the body or to relieve tiredness, it is associated with the practice of physical exercise or light gymnastics, and / or sauna, steam bath or Turkish bath , etc.
  • Preventive: they are met when a tense area or area with possible injury is located and delimited by palpation. In addition, by advising that the treatment is linked to the practice of moderate exercise, it is possible to promote well-being and that the massage lasts. Thus fulfilling several of the functions of the manual therapist: care-prevent, treat and promote health.
  • Therapeutic: when massage is used to improve circulatory function, regain restricted mobility between damaged tissues, relieve and / or reduce pain, or to optimize sensory awareness. The moment that massage provides human support, relaxation and well-being, helping in recovery and maintaining health, it becomes, even without intending to, a therapeutic act.
Karuna Bienestar paisaje natural

“Everything that lives, does nothing but offer you gifts and deposit them at your feet.

The aroma of flowers is a gift for you "

(A course of miracles)

Aromatherapy is characterized by the use of essences through which we use the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, to restore the balance and harmony of the body and mind for the benefit of our health.

              Aromatherapy can be used exclusively or as an accompaniment to other treatments, in the second case as support for its success. The strength of aromatherapy lies in its power to reach the emotional root by awakening our own healing energies.

              The aromas work within us by association of images, avoiding the intervention of our conscious part that analyzes everything and translates everything into understandable words.

              It is for this reason that aromatherapy is considered as the language of the soul: what our brain perceives through smell, places it in the area of ​​spiritual perceptions, harmonizing our energetic body and thus accessing the regulation of the area. physical that needs to be reconstituted.

              Science has shown that people respond to odors on an emotional level higher than that of the other senses. A scent can trigger a whole succession of almost forgotten memories, the area of ​​the brain associated with odor is the same as that of memory. The olfactory region is the only place in our body where the central system is closely related to the outside world, in this way, the olfactory stimuli go directly to the most internal connection centers of our brain. Neurons in the olfactory region are primary sensory neurons and are part of brain neurons.

              On the other hand, when you smell something emotional memory is evoked, you can relate emotions. Thus, the associative memory of aromas and situations generates the use of oils for therapeutic use, since consciousness registers the aroma with the setting. Some oils have the property of transforming and balancing our emotions, reducing anxiety, depression or mental fatigue.

              Aromatherapy acts on the subtle planes, therefore it helps meditation, visualizations, concentration and all those techniques aimed at seeking inner balance and harmony.

Karuna Bienestar Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra

Yantra in Sanskrit comes from the prefix yan, which means to conceive, mental conception. It is an instrument, which refers to certain complex geometric representations of levels and supposed energies of the cosmos and the human body.

              The yantra is internalized through the mental construction of a geometric model and its visualization.

              Sri Yantra is the Geometric representation of the sound of OM. By contemplating Sri Yantra we can rediscover its primordial sources. The circuits symbolically indicate the successive phases in the process of becoming.

              The Sri yantra is made up of 9 juxtaposed triangles that give rise to 43 small triangles, 4 of the triangles are oriented with vertex up and represent the male cosmic energy Shiva (masculine cosmic energy), the other 5 with vertex down represent the feminine energy Shakti (feminine cosmic energy). These triangles are surrounded by an 8-petalled lotus symbolizing Vishnu (protection). Wrapped in a 16-petalled lotus that represents the yogi's power over the mind and senses. Enclosing this lotus 4 concentric lines that symbolically connect with the two lotuses. The triple line that surrounds it designates the analogy between the entire universe and the human body.

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